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Project Oversight

Our process begins by defining project objectives and developing a clear understanding of scope, budget and schedule. We keep our focus on the project objectives as we coordinate the entire process.

Cost Containment

We understand the critical importance of containing costs. We will maximize every opportunity to save costs and/or reduce maintenance and operation costs. Our design experience provides another path to discover innovative options for reducing costs.

Maintaining Momentum

It is critical to develop effective communications and ways to resolve conflicts so the project maintains momentum. Our digital and cloud-based management tools provide up-to-the-minute tracking of costs and schedules as well as RFIs.

It’s About Relationships

We have established relationships with local labor and material suppliers. These relationships bring a level of trust that results in cost estimation accuracy and strict budget controls. When we build in new areas, we immediately begin building trust among the local market.

Labor Clients benefit from our ability to turn ideas into thoughtful, well-planned and executed construction projects within budget and on schedule. We achieve these objectives by tracking costs and schedules up-to-the-minute using digital and cloud-based management tools. As important as cost and schedule control is, OLG Services puts its greatest emphasis on smooth project delivery and a true partnering relationship with our clients.